3D Laser scanning and On-board survey

3D Laser scanning is a new engineering technology to transform 3D point cloud into engineering drawings. 3D laser scanning wildly used in marine, plant engineering, civil & Infrastructure industries.


Ferscom marine service focusing on the retrofit projects such as Ballast water treatment system (BWTS) and Exhaust gas cleaning system. 3D laser scanning is the technology that capture shapes, as-built structure and exact size of the object in to digital dimensional representation known as point clouds with help of laser light.

Onboard survey

Well trained engineers performing on-board survey behalf of Ferscom marine service to gather the necessary data for the engineering works. On-board survey is essential especially for the retrofit engineering to choose the right technology and maker. EGCS Survey of Engine Room & Funnel Casing to identify suitable locations for installation of scrubber tower and investigating for the installation wash water pump as well as to identify the installation location of all the equipments.

BWTS 3D scanning

On-board survey

Feasibility check for Installation

Feasibility check for BWTS Installation

Investigating the suitable Tie-in points for the BWTS integrating

FW, SW cooling system tie in points

Capture the as-built structure and pipeline

Electrical spare breaker availablity check

EGCS 3D scanning

On-board survey

Feasibility check for Installation of EGCS Equipement

Installation check for SW wash water pumps

Feasiblity for the installation of scrubber tower

Gathering the information for the penetration of new OVB

Collection of documents from the vessel

3D Laser Scanning in the Funnel casing for EGCS


We Can perform the 3D Laser scanning in the following Locations